You, me & wine

Thoughtfully put together, Hannah’s first anthology will take you on a poetic journey through growing up, hardships from the past, relationships, letters and stills of memories as she’s stepping into adulthood with a heavy, yet curious heart.


This book was created when I re-read rain-washed entries in my journal that I flipped throughout the past four years and I stumbled into a pool of nostalgia, experienced some slight tightening by the chest and caught myself nodding proudly at a phrase I had written, once intoxicated and once on top of the world, months ago. I hope you enjoy reading YOU, ME & WINE and find that you’re not alone with how you’re feeling right now.




draw you,
your true you.
the you that stays awake all night
counting mistakes instead of sheep.

destination in mind but the journey at heart,
no maps required,
— Audery Lin on Goodreads